Noise Abatement

Parkland desires to be a good neighbor to Carmacar, Erie, and the surrounding rural residents. Pilots are asked to use these noise abatement procedures when flying into and out of Parkland.

  1. Be aware of noise sensitive residential areas, particularly Carmacar Estates 1/3rd mile north, Scott’s Acres ½ mile east, Northridge Subdivision ½ mile southwest, and the Town of Erie 1 ½ miles west and southwest of Parkland. Except for takeoff and landing, avoid flight over individual residences below 500’ AGL.
  2. Fly traffic patterns tight, keeping your aircraft in as close to Parkland as is safely practical.
  3. In constant-speed propeller aircraft, avoid using high RPM settings in the pattern. Prop noise from high-performance aircraft increases dramatically at high RPM settings.
  4. On arrival, delay increasing propeller RPM to full until on final at low power settings.
  5. Try reduced-power approaches, and always avoid long, low dragged-in approaches.
  6. On takeoff, reduce to climb power and propeller pitch as soon as is safely practical.
  7. Avoid prolonged runups, and do them inside the airport area, rather than at the perimeter.
  8. Depart from the start of the runway, rather than from intersections, for the highest altitude when leaving the airport vicinity.
  9. On departure, climb straight ahead to 500’ AGL or so, as turns rob an aircraft of climb ability.

Safe operation of your aircraft is the first priority!

Within these constraints, any part you can play in minimizing noise for our neighbors will pay major dividends towards avoiding future challenges to our flying privileges!

Thank you, Parkland Homeowners Association

Rev: 23 May, 2017