Pilot Information

Parkland Estates Airpark is a private airpark, open to residents and invited guests. The Parkland Hold Harmless Agreement must be completed for visiting aircraft using Parkland Estates’ runway and facilities. A copy of the signed Hold Harmless agreement must be provided to the BOD to be kept on file.

SkyVector Airport Data

Weather Underground PWS KCOERIE34





  • Airport identifier: 7CO0 (Seven Charlie Oscar Zero)
  • Latitude/longitude: 40-04-17.9440N/105-02-00.9330W
  • Field elevation: 5050’ MSL
  • Obstacles to navigation: Fence west and north of RWY 8 approach end. Large tree north of approach end of RWY 8.
  • We are located on the BJC VOR 019R/11 DME, underneath DIA’s (Denver International Airport) Class B airspace. The floor of the Class B airspace above us is 10,000′ MSL.
  • We are within the 30 NM (nautical mile) Mode C ring centered on DIA, which means all aircraft with electrical systems must have an operating transponder with altitude encoding (Mode C).
  • Our unattended frequency, the common traffic advisory frequency (CTAF) is 122.9.
  • Main runway (8/26): 4,200’ long by 50’ wide (3,800’ for landing on runway 26 due to displaced landing threshold).
  • Runway (17/35)/: 1,305’ long by 30’ wide. Takeoffs to the north are discouraged to the north and prohibited to the south).
  • Depicted common taxiways: 20’ wide; all are paved.
  • Caution: Drainage ditches run along both sides of the common taxiways.
  • Private taxiways vary in width and require owner permission to use.
  • Runway 8/26 is lighted by timer from sunset to 11 PM. The runway lights can be pilot-activated at other times: slowly key your microphone 5 times on the CTAF (122.9).
  • Make traffic calls to Parkland Traffic.
  • Left hand pattern for runway 26, right hand pattern for runway 08.
  • Warning: Beware of the NOAA Tower, (6,165 MSL, 985′ tall) approximately two miles SE of Parkland Estates Airpark.
  • Visiting aircraft may park where their host recommends. Pilots must provide their own tie downs. Do not block private taxiway entrances to the common taxiways.
  • During organized fly-ins parking instructions will be provided to arriving aircraft.
  • Because the pumps operate on private key accounts, 100LL fuel is available only through individual hosts.
  • Parkland is an uncontrolled airfield and neighborhood. As such there may occasionally be people or animals near the runway. Pilots may consider a low approach (comply with FARs) to ensure that the runway is clear prior to landing.
  • There are no published instrument procedures for Parkland Estates Airpark.